ARMTI School Launched Dedicated Online Alumni Community

August 19, 2018

School alumni launched to keep in touch with past pupils.

Its main aim is to keep in contact with students once they have left the school, regardless of how they progress in life and where they move to.

Each year, past students will receive an emailed newsletter telling them what has been happening at their old school, and possible opportunities for them to get involved in projects.

The ARMTI School  Online Alumni Community was launched  with the help of former student Bamidele Segun and Olorunyomi Segun.

ARMTI School head teacher said; “We are proud of our students’ achievements, and know there is an amazing resource of past students who will want to know how their school is doing, and one day may even want to come back to help inspire future generations like Bamidele Segun and Olorunyomi Segun are doing.

“Our alumni is extra special because a student group, the community ambassadors, have raised the money to fund it.”

The school has also created a booklet charting the school’s progress since its opening in 1988.

Past students who would like to sign up to the alumni should visit

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