ARMTI School to launch School Management System Portal soon

August 19, 2018

School management is an important part of any educational system. School authorities all over the world are continuously engaged in numerous activities to efficiently manage school functions and provide better educational experience to students. However managing school affairs is not at all easy in this fast growing world.

To better perform the functions of school management and assure parents of their child’s safety and progress, ARMTI schools will soon be launching its school management software.


Pupil Parent Portal

One of the most powerful features of School Management System Portal is the Parent Portal. The parent portal enables parents to be connected to their student’s classroom and teachers 24 hours a day. This feature keeps parents involved and actively participating in their student’s education. The information available to parents in the parent portal is completely customizable by the school and can include attendance records, grades, classroom assignments, calendars, a message board, and basic pupil and parent information.

Student Parent Portal

Tracking Progress

Parents usually have to rely on pupils for school and classroom information, such as notes from the teacher, homework assignments, activities, and classroom policies. To a lesser degree, parents must wait for pupils to bring home classroom and school notes and letters regarding attendance, grades, and requests for teacher meetings. With the Parent Portal, parents don’t have to wait and hope that their pupils will give them the materials they need in order to stay informed. Instead, parents can get the information they want themselves right from their own computer and that information comes straight from the teachers and school. Information in the parent portal is always up to date, which is especially important for attendance and grading tracking.

The Parent Portal also relieves teachers of the constant requests for progress and attendance reports. The Parent portal is updated daily by the School Management System Portal.
Open Communications

Sometimes parents and pupils have questions that must be addressed before the start of the next school day, especially if they are questions regarding homework, testing, and projects due the next day. Parents may also want to touch base with their pupil’s teachers if they have questions, suggestions, or comments regarding classroom activities, attendance, discipline issues, or grades. The Parent Portal includes a communications feature which enables parents to send private messages directly to their pupil’s teachers. This direct line of communication can help parents and teachers ensure the success of their pupils.

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