School management is an important part of any educational system. School authorities all over the world are continuously engaged in numerous activities to efficiently manage school functions and provide better educational experience to students. However managing school affairs is not at all easy in this fast growing world. To better perform the functions of school management and assure parents of

Celebrating three decade of Academic Excellence. Aiming Higher, There is no ceiling on what can be  achieved. ARMTI School has an established history of providing high quality education to the children of differnt tribe and locality. Today we are 30 and its worth celebrating. We aim to give our children the very best life opportunity through ensuring: They have the

School alumni launched to keep in touch with past pupils. Its main aim is to keep in contact with students once they have left the school, regardless of how they progress in life and where they move to. Each year, past students will receive an emailed newsletter telling them what has been happening at their old school, and possible opportunities